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An ever growing community of KOKOH clad women from around the world, putting our active styles through their paces. Meet some of Our Lineup, right here.


PHILIPPINES // the Island Girl @LeaGoesOn
Lea... new to the fixation of surfing, yet without a doubt entirely intoxicated over long boarding the mellow waves and lazing on the palm fringed shorelines of Siargo, Philippines. READ MORE ON LEA
 AUSTRALIA X MALDIVES // the Jetsetter @YouTheWorldWandering
Kristie... Epitomising the true Endless Summer, Kristie surfs the bowling NSW South Coast through the summer, and shoots off to the Indian Oceans' dreamy Maldivian Islands for the winter.... tough gig huh. 


AUSTRALIA South Coast // the Girl always in the Water 
Ellena... You can find her in the surf. Amongst the best of the men, with a feminine style, fit frame and perfected re-entry. Ellena is the token "girl who rips" you see in the line-up. She's forever inspiring to any woman (or man) who watches on. 


USA California X The World // The Gypsy @caiitygriffin
Caity... The beachie blonde surfing the worlds shorelines. If you didn't know about this real life mermaid, now you know. READ MORE ON CAITY
AUSTRALIA South Coast // the Saltwater Woman @stella.crick
Stella... When she's not dancing with grace and prowess on the waves, Stella is behind the lens, capturing images in a way our eyes could only dream of seeing. An environmentalist, with a gentle nature, Stella has played a key role in KOKOHs success from the very beginning.