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MELLY WRIGHT the Gypsea of swimwear

A few years ago we met Melly and have since watched her hustle her way to over 20k Instagram followers. With hard work and constant grind, Melly now gets PAID to capture tropical content in the bikinis she loves...

Your #1 tips to girls who are trying to build a following? 


Yes, it can help, but it’s also not legit. 

You want to feel proud of your account. You want to run on authenticity. You want brands to want you and your followers that YOU worked for! 

My biggest tip, be inspired by others, but don’t copy.  Create your own work, be as authentic as possible, be original & stand out! Others will recognize your hard work, originality always stands out! So find your niche and run with it!

If KOKOH bikini came to your town in Cali, where would you take us and what would we do? 

If Kokoh came to my home town of Oceanside, I’d take them to all of my fave local beaches! We’d shoot, drink coconut water (from imported cocos) and lay on the beach under the warm sun all day! (we say, bring it on)

3 - What's something about you that you don't show on Instagram? 

Something about me that I don’t show on instagram is that although I grew up a total beach baby, living 1 block from the beach kinda makes that a thing. But I was also fortunate enough to have parents who were very well rounded in activities! I fell in love with horses at a young age, so my dad bought me a horse. I was and still am a horse freak. They’re such amazing animals and if I could have one right now I would! I also grew up at the desert riding dirtbikes and camping and hiking as well as going to (gun) shooting ranges regularly! My dad wanted well rounded kids.. and I think he did a good job by giving us a little taste of different lifestyles! I appreciate it all!

4 - But now you live in an RV right!?

Yes I live in an RV! RV life is amazing, it’s small, minimalistic, and ever changing. It has taught me so much.. to appreciate the little things, to be ok with uncertainty, to learn to love change. I’m still trying to let go of a lot of “stuff”, as much as I’d like to say I’m a minimalist RV living hippy.. I’m not. I overly hoard bikinis to the point where my boyfriend is mad that I have so much, I’m still learning to let go of things that truly aren’t SUPER necessary! Haha but let’s be real... bikinis ARE necessary! 

5 - If you could travel anywhere on earth, where would it be? 

If I could travel anywhere on earth... I’d go to literally any chain of Islands... I just want to island hop, live in a van or on a boat, drink coconuts fresh off the trees, and always be in a bikini.  I just want to be a carefree sandy and tanned little human forever! Haha

Gypsea of swimwear
Gypsea of Swimwear