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Quick catch up with the Island beauty, Lea Ann Duhaylungsod. 

1 - What was it like growing up in the Philippines? Were you always under the palms as a child? 
I've always been surrounded by the ocean. When I was a child, I lived in my father's province by the sea and when we moved to my mother's town, it was also by the sea. Philippines being a tropical country is rich in palm trees and white sand beaches. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.
2 - We've noticed a massive growth in your Instagram feed over the past year. What advice would you give to someone wanting to grow their feed? 
I'm not really thinking about growing the number of my followers. I just want to share my simple island lifestyle and take beautiful photos. I think consistency is key.
3 - If we at KOKOH were to come and visit your Island, where would you take us? '
I will take you to my secret spots and we'll take lots of photos!
4 - We know you're just at the beginning of your surf stoke journey, but what does Surfing mean to you?
For me, it's having fun while being one with the ocean.
5 - What's your favourite KOKOH and why? 
My favorite will always be the basic black Kokoh bikini. It's perfect for when I surf and lounge. It fits perfectly well to my frame. It's everything I want in a bikini. You could take it anywhere.
6 - What are the words you live by? 
Be positive. It's a cliche but it works.