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by KOKOH designer, Kendall Layt. A far too honest look into KOKOH bikinis behind the scenes. 

In 2008 was my first attempt at making swimwear. It was a crocheted bikini top, I had no pattern, no idea how to combine any stitches - a lady at Spotlight Store had shown me the basics, so I just ran with that and made the rest up. When it was finished (barely wearable, let alone sellable) I showed my take-no-shit-attitude friend, Tyne. She told me "You have to make this stuff! You're so creative. People would love it, people will buy this for sure." I will never forget those words, I will never forget that Western Australian Sunset over the Indian Ocean. She was drinking from her usual extra large wine glass, a Crimson Cab, which I sometimes buy today - the taste and smell reminds me of her perfect smile. Those words of hers still ring true in my mind.

In 2009, we lost Tyne.

The days when KOKOH bikini has me in tears, when I am so unsure of the road I am supposed to be taking and the niggling self doubt creeps in, my mind wanders back to that afternoon. I know what she'd tell me today. She'd tell me I'm amazing, creative, and too look how far I have come... seems fitting to end on the note; Life is short, Do what you love. x