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Do you dry brush? And take a multi-vitamin religiously everyday? I'm not too sure if its just me, but my beauty regime pretty much stops and bushing my teeth (and I'm in for a real treat if I've remembered to charge my electric toothbrush). I like things simple... as in, buying my shampoo from the supermarket. I'm feeling my best when I my hairband's ratio of hair wrapped around the elastic to actual elastic is less than 2:1. When I'm really nailing life, I've applied a lip balm sunscreen - this is more for special occasions, like, red carpet type stuff. 
Anyways, if you're anything like I am (please tell me I'm not the only one with a shower full of wet bikinis and sand rather than an array of luxe body washes in 5 different flavours)... then this is for you. Lets call it a super quick go-to guide for girls who'd prefer to exfoliate in sand while they're laying on the beach. 
1 - ESSANO... This brand has saved me. When I was 14, I wanted nothing more than to smell like a mixture of cookie flavoured hubba bubba. In the 90's, that was tres chic. Let's not go into the fact that I was lathering scented chemicals to be absorbed by my bodies largest organ (cringe). ESSANO provides plant based products that do what they're supposed to, like... clean your hair, make it shiny, exfoliate your face, make your hands soft. Their affordable products are available in supermarkets and pharmacies... they're into recycling and not into testing on animals, which is why I am definitely into them. 
2 - Sun Bum, the best. I do not know how I lived so long without a tub of clear zinc oxide in the console of my car. SPF50+, Paba Free, Gluten Free, 80 minutes water resistant. I love it so dang much I've added it to the store. 
3 - The memes are true. Coconut Oil is the elixir of life. From glistening skin oil to lube, here's a short list for the uses of the legend; Coconut Oil.
- Cooking 
- Natural Throat Lozenge
- Skin Moisturiser
- Lip Balm
- Bath Oil
- Personal Lubricant (for reals)
- Shaving cream
- Helps a caught zipper
- Helps turn your life around