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Caity Griffin... surfs like a boss. 

I first met Caity over Instagram back at the very beginning of KOKOH bikini. I first actually and randomly met Caity at a Pizza Restaurant on a small Island in The Maldives. Not so long ago we had a bit of a chat on waves, travel and the creature comforts of home...

I see you have just returned home from what appears to be traveling forever! How does it feel when you get back to your creature comforts? Do you get itchy feet? Coming home is the best feeling ever! I realize more and more every time I come back that I really was raised in the most amazing, beautiful place in the world. You can’t find better quality of life than in Cardiff. You can surf everyday, the weather is perfect all the time, the best food, and you’re just next to some of the best waves in California if you drive North or South. Luckily for the last 6 years I’ve been able to come home for a few months every year, sometimes longer and spending time with the family is so precious to me.

bottom turn via @caiitygriffin

How do you and your fiancé Yoni support the surf-all-day lifestyle that you live? My fiancé, Yoni, designed a really cool sunscreen for surfers called DK Sunsport that stays on for when you have those 6 hour sessions under the sun;) It’s All Natural- based from Dead Sea minerals and Paraben free! We also have both been super lucky to work as surf guides in the Maldives, on land and on boats.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to just pack up and go see the world? It’s always good to be prepared when going on a trip, but I find it’s nice when you don’t have too many expectations or a set schedule and just kind of show up and act on the vibe you get and go with the flow. If you’re planning a big trip definitely save as much money as you can, work like crazy for a few months so you can enjoy yourself. Get to know the culture and customs of where you’re going before you show up- how people dress, what is acceptable, best time to travel etc.

the road less traveled via @caiitygriffin

Whats your fave place so far? My favorite place to travel through so far is Morocco. I think the people and the energy is just beautiful and it’s such a big country with so much to see. The mountain life, the desert, the sea life, all have different aspects and its almost like separate worlds inside of one country. The waves there are a bit challenging for me compared to Indonesia and the Maldives but i think surfing there all this winter made me stronger than I’ve ever been in the water. Although, I could say that every place I’ve traveled to is my favorite in some way! Indonesia and the Maldives are both very special to me as they probably are to everyone else who has been to there. Driving up the coast of California is also something I tell everyone they should do once in their life. You just feel so small driving along massive cliffs lined with thick Redwood forests overlooking the raw, blue ocean, full of life.

Have you ever lost a bikini out in the surf? I have many times! While working at Lohis resort in the Maldives theres a left just in front of a bar overlooking the wave and for me I’m going backside there. So my front is facing the bar and as I’m pumping down the line every so often the lip would just catch my bum pulling my bottoms down to my knees. I would jump off immediately as I couldn’t manage multi-tasking on such a fast section. Luckily when your leash is strapped onto your foot the bottoms can’t really be lost you just have to take a few on the head while getting the situation under control ;) 

Surfing in a KOKOH in Hawaii via @caiitygriffin