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8 REASONS you should meet us in Tahiti 2017

Earlier this year KOKOH bikini charted a luxury yacht to set sail through the Society Islands of French Polynesia. Yes, it is a dream destination – like one of those places you think are so far out of reach on so many levels; the kind of place you have set as a desktop background, or the kind of place that would only be fees-able for a honeymoon…If you married some rich, polished, real estate mogul…. Well here’s the shocking truth, and 8 reasons why you need to join KOKOH bikini in 2017!

1 – Tahiti is affordable. If you’re happy to ditch the over-water bungalow, at a 7 star resort in Bora-Bora, inclusive of a butler plus all food and alcohol (ohhh, imagine!)… You don’t have to be the #RichKidsofBeverlyHills to indulge in French Polynesia. Our 2017 humble abode is based in Moorea, it’s a little luxe, inclusive of Brekky and Dinners and is situated on a crystal clear Lagoon – you might have to sacrifice a few Friday nights out to get there, but it will all be worth it! PROMISE!

2 – Culture. This is something that a 7 star resort can’t give you.  Tahiti is home to the ancient canoe known as the Va’a, the local men that paddle these things are abundant. They’re strong, tanned, and more than willing to teach the 10 girls clad in KOKOH bikinis a thing…or two…what!? it’s good to indulge in local culture!  There is also the art of the flower crown, one of our favorite things about our last trip was a morning spent surrounded by fragrant tropical flowers, and dressing up our slightly knotted island hair-do’s!  Which leads me to my next point…

3 – Photo-ops. Picture this; you, a flower crown, under a cascading waterfall, #goals. Your average Social Media likes will go through the roof. This could be you…

4 – Okay, so now you’re freaking out. No…. the sharks don’t bite…and nooo…. those rays won’t hurt you!  This is the Lagoon, a short boat trip from where we stay in Moorea. This place is hands-down the best thing I have EVER experienced in my life.  Those beautiful little rays are like puppy dogs that want your attention, and the black tip reef sharks majestically circle the deeper waters. IT .IS .INSANE.

5 – Surfer? Yes, there are a few outer reef breaks accessible by boat.  Warm water, pumping waves, clarity like you’ve never seen, it really is a dream. Not a surfer? All good! Cruise the lagoon on a SUP or Kayak… or go find yourself a Va’a man.

6 – Dig-in. After a long day of sunshine, palm trees and the clearest water on earth, you’re going to want to eat! French Polynesia will NOT disappoint. The fish is fresh AF (try say that three times fast!), as is the fruit… and if you’re one of those coconut feenes,  well there’s no shortage here – you actually might need to be careful you don’t get knocked out by one! Aside from the island cuisine, you might be forgetting something… and that’s the word French….also known as Baguette. CARBS. YUM.

7 – Friendship. Yes, now I’m getting a little corny. The beautiful thing about this trip is that there are 10 spots available. This means that women from anywhere in the world can jump on board! And more so, we each have something different to bring. Last trip we met girls from all walks; we were joined by a Teacher, an Artist, a Police Officer – the list goes on. What we all had in common was a big ‘ol salty heart. Each of us were water-women with a connection to the ocean… does this sound anything like you?

8 – Bucket List. C’mon, in one trip you can pretty much do a whole heap of ticking! Swimming with sharks, climbing a coconut tree, traveling solo (or with your besties), relaxing on a tropical Island, chasing waterfalls. What I’m getting at is, this trip is an experience you will never forget. One thing we all said after we left Tahiti earlier this year “I’d go back tomorrow and do it all over again”. These Islands will take a small piece of your salty heart and keep it there forever…




So what are you waiting for? For more information head on over to TAHITI MANA and reserve your spot today.