Seven Traits of a KOKOH Girl

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1) You are always dreaming of where you would rather be. And this is generally under the shade of a palm tree, on a tropical beach, with the sound of the waves lapping at the shoreline... yep, you know this fantasy just as well as we do.


Cheeky Bikini Brazilian Bikini Australia Swimwear


2) The words “full brief” make you shudder - it ingrains a vision of a saggy, drooping, sand filled swimmer bottoms deep in your mind... No thanks.


3) No matter how broke you are, you have to buy the cheeky bikini


4) You have a basket/drawer/shipping container dedicated to swimwear - when you select your cut, style, colour for the day, BE WARNED! Pulling that one top string will unravel a tangled, intertwined can of worms... then you have to find the matching bottoms... #dammit



Cheeky Bikini Brazilian Bikini Australia Swimwear


5) You have more bikinis than underwear - and often wear them as underwear... but only on washing day... and some other days too...

6) Some girls are obsessed with shoes, pj’s, handbags, homewares - not you, you are cheeky bikini infatuated. When you meet another girl who shares this obsession, you are automatically CBBFFs (Cheeky Bikini Best Friends Forever) and discuss the heinousness of full briefs and your fave styles.


Cheeky Bikini Brazilian Bikini Australia Swimwear


7) You remember your first ever cheeky bikini - and you have never looked back. 


Cheeky Bikini Brazilian Bikini Australia Swimwear

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