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1,000 000 + coconut tress

Location: Indian Ocean. Country: Maldives.  
26 atolls
100 resorts
1200 islands
350 000 people
1 000 000 + coconut trees
I’ve always had a restless soul; one that longs for far away places, exotic experiences, unfamiliar cultures and tropical weather. For now, my pursuit of 9 000 km across the globe to move to the tiny Indian Ocean nation of the Maldives is satisfying my wanderlust cravings just perfectly.
Flying over the Maldives Islands for the first time, my heart beats in anticipation. The water below is the colour of turquoise and I know I’m about to witness something majestical purely by the number of fellow flyers also holding their cameras in their hands. Surrounding each island I see is a beautiful outer reef that’s been growing here for hundreds of thousands of years.
The story of the formation of the Maldives is that tiny corals began to grow on the remains of prehistoric underwater volcanoes. Eventually these corals became entire reefs and ecosystems. Parts of the reefs have eroded overtime into crushed shells and corals, forming tiny sand banks throughout the Indian Ocean – known today as the Maldives.
Travelling to the Maldives seems a dream for many. The biggest dreamers will plan the perfect honeymoon or luxury vacation and maybe even a matching tropical Kokoh Bikini wardrobe. Yet what most don’t know is that there is a whole new realm to the Maldives, just waiting to be unearthed.
Branded as a high-end exclusive destination, the Maldives is slowly shifting to embrace a new form of tourism - one that opens its doors to welcome bikini lovers and travellers from all walks of life.
The newly established Guesthouse Industry of the Maldives is making many more ‘Maldivian dreams’ come true. Travel to a local guesthouse island and be graced with uncrowded beaches, sandy shores fringed with palm trees to infinity and of course the most amazing water; a façade that changes tones with every spec of light.
Explore the real Maldives and embrace the unfamiliar – the culture, the people, the villages, the food, the religion and the language. Begin each day in a bikini; SUP yoga at sunrise followed by an early morning swim in a tropical lagoon. Explore the local villages and their colourful walls by bike or take a day trip to a private sandbank and enjoy some of the world’s best snorkeling destinations. Drink from a freshly cracked coconut whilst sitting barefoot on the sand watching the sunset, then in the evening indulge in a seaside seafood barbeque. And there’s always the choice to spend island days being graced by Maldivian waves and tropical marine life - the Maldives is renowned as on of the world’s best surfing and diving destinations.
A trip to Maldives’ best luxurious resorts is always dreamy. Relax on a sun bed, sip cocktails by infinity pools, make the most of the luscious day spas and indulge in extraordinary cuisines. A stay in a private overwater suite is the ultimate. Swim straight from the staircase of each private suite’s balcony into the ocean directly below. Alternate between the ocean, a day bed, private plunge pool or jacuzzi and become high on paradise. Wander a resort’s grounds wearing nothing but your tropical bikinis. There’s no better occasion to showcase extravagant Kokoh Bikini wear – it just adds to the entire ‘Maldivian dream’.
Each and every resort in the Maldives is very different, as are each of the guesthouse islands. Research is a must to know exactly what type of vacation is desired before travelling to the world’s most luxurious island destination.
Resorts: Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Maldives,
Adaaran Prestige Ocean Water Villas Maldives
Photography + Styling: Hupa Ibrahim.   
Model: Kristie Murray (you.theworld.wandering) + Amanda Borlin
Story by: Kristie Murray – you.theworld.wandering