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collection; Banyan

a journey back to our roots... surf. sun. sand.

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Kokoh & Koi

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Meet Koi

Our newbie range of apparel and accessories


aku one piece

seventies inspired, surf tested.


Mustard X

Hand Created Basic Prints



New tee, Save Our Sea



Hand painted stripe reverse to Olive


on location

a lonely sandbank in the Maldives....

banyan, a full circle

Somewhere along the line, I forgot what I loved. It took a good 5 months of surfing a little left hander in Bali, two ripped t-shirts and a solid legrope tan to find that "AHH-HAA" moment. The Vibe Tee, kicked off the whole Banyan Collection. 

who is koi?

Koi boasts a new small range of Apparel that is hoping the grow, Koi has made some changes to the Cut and Fit of KOKOH bikini. Koi, the creative shows far more behind the scenes - places that KOKOH was never brave enough to venture. 


From my heart & my hands. When prints are designed in-house, on real paper, with real paint. Whatever you choose to add to your cart, has come from a space of high vibrations.